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Archive: January, 2012

Strawberry Seed Oil (Cold Pressed)

(Fragaria Ananassa)

Background: Our strawberry seed oil is one of many of our fruit seed oils produced in our own facility in the UK. We collect the seeds as a by-product of the fruit juice and jam manufacturing industry, clean and dry, then squeeze for oil. The sustainability of this product is apparent due to its ‘no waste’ production process; great marketability. And you haven’t heard about its intrinsic benefits

Plum Kernal Oil (Cold Pressed)

(Prunus Domestica)

Background: Plum oil is undoubtedly one of our favourites. With its rich ‘marzipan’ like aroma, unlike other oils this CP oil penetrates the skin effectively leaving no greasy residue. Its marketability and functionality go hand in hand in providing food and cosmetic formulators with a very exciting ingredient.

Properties/Benefits: With its emollient and antioxidant properties; this oil provides

Kukui Nut Oil (Refined)

(Aleurites Moluccana)

Background: The kukui (or candle nut) tree originates from Indonesia and also Hawaii. The clear, slightly yellow oil is extracted from the seed of the kukui nut. This very affordable oil is not the most common, but with now strong availability at Kerfoot, we have great expectations for this oil to be used as a base/ carrier oil in many formulations in the future.

Properties/Benefits: Kukui has a high

Tamanu Oil (Cold Pressed)

(Calophyllum Inophyllum)

Background: A tropical South East Asian ornamental tree obtained by cold pressing the combined fruit & seed leaving a mild & pleasant odour.

Properties/Benefits: A thick, viscous dark grey-green to black in colour used for its analgesic and inflammatory properties.

Recommended Applications: Can be used in hair & scalp treatments, skincare products for eczema,

Rosehip Oil (Refined)

(Rosa Canina)

Background: Our rosehip oil is wild harvested derived from the seeds of the red berry like fruits or hips originating in Chile. Golden-reddish in colour with a slight odour.

Properties/Benefits: Rosehip oil contains a high content of unsaturated essential fatty acids and Vitamins A, C & E giving it  therapeutic and healing properties to repair damaged tissue and skin cell

Neem Oil (Cold Pressed)

(Melia Azadirachta)

Background: Neem oil is a natural vegetable oil generally dark brown to blood-red in colour with a strong odour reminiscent of peanut & garlic.

Properties/Benefits: Full of essential fatty acids, in cold temperatures the oil will solidify requiring heating for ease of use. It is naturally healing and is one of the most commercially available products for organic farming and medicinal

Flaxseed Oil (Cold Pressed)

(Linum Usitatissimum)

Background: An OMEGA feast! One of the richest sources of Omegas; our oil is home grown in the North Yorkshire dales and pressed in our own facility. Flax seed is a popular ingredient with the foodies, cosmetic formulators and even the animals – why? Because it’s MADE IN YORKSHIRE, BRITAIN and full of goodness!

Properties/Benefits: Containing Omega 3, 6 and 9, this oil also has a lovely taste and

Grapeseed Oil (Refined)

(Vitis Vinifera)

Background: Another popular carrier oil which is an abundant by-product of winemaking, grapeseed oil is a preferred cosmetic ingredient used to re-structure damaged and stressed skin tissue. A stable, affordable base oil.

Properties/Benefits: Our grapeseed oil is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids containing more linoleic acid, necessary for good health, than many other carrier oils and does not

Camelina Seed Oil (Cold Pressed and Refined)

(Camelina Sativa)

Background: Also known as ‘Gold of Pleasure’, home grown in the North Yorkshire dales and pressed in our own facility, camelina is a fantastic addition to the range – why? Because it’s MADE IN YORKSHIRE, BRITAIN!

Properties/Benefits: Its popularity as an edible and cosmetic ingredient has grown significantly due to its enriched omega 3 content and its high stability level due to the Vitamin E content.

Sweet Almond Oil (Refined USP29)

(Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis)

Background: The most popular of the carrier oils due to its affordable and unyielding characteristics; which allows flexibility in formulation hence why it is used in a variety of cosmetic and edible finished products. Its refined state leaves no odour and a stable, long lasting, clear product.

Properties/Benefits: Almond oils rich oleic acid content and its rich vitamin analysis allow it to act as a