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Archive: January, 2012

Cucumber Oil (Cold Pressed)

(Cucumis Sativus)

Background: Classed as a fruit, cucumber oil is new to the Kerfoot range, with its  golden/yellow oil it successfully maintains its fresh, natural cucumber aroma.

Properties/Benefits: Our cucumber oil is light non-greasy and contains 3 main fatty acids, natural tocopherols and a variety of minerals.

Recommended Applications: Cosmetic/skincare applications – Eye lid/face creams to

Cranberry Oil (Cold Pressed)

(Vaccinium Macrocarpon)

Background: Our cranberry seed oil is Cold Pressed at our own facility in North Yorkshire and is one of our many environmentally friendly oils due to its biodegradable production techniques.

Properties/Benefits: Contains a near one-to-one balance of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids and Natural Vitamin E / anti-oxidants.

Recommended Applications: Moisturisers, after shave

Calendula Oil (Infused in Sunflower)

(Calendula Officinalis)

Background: Our calendula oil infused is derived from the flowers of the calendula plant infused in sunflower oil maintaining a slight odour. We infuse this oil within our own facility.

Properties / Benefits: With its anti-inflammatory and healing properties it is rich in Vitamins E & C which promotes skin healing.

Recommended Application: Good skin healing properties for 

Apricot Kernal Oil (Refined)

(Prunus Armeniaca)

Background: Our apricot kernel oil is a very mild natural oil, light in colour with a distinctive odour.

Properties/Benefits: With its pleasant nutty like odour the oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins; its easily absorbed softening properties make this oil beneficial for skin conditions.

Recommended Application: Soaps, creams, lotions & balms and massage

Apple Seed Oil (Cold Pressed)

(Pyrus Malus)

Background: Our cold pressed apple seed oil is wild harvested, maintaining its natural ‘apple’ odour and is one of the more stable CP oils. Apple seed oil is a revolutionary CP oil from Chile and is the newest addition to the Kerfoot range.

Properties/Benefits: With its fresh -feeling and pleasant aroma, this enriched essential fatty acid oil maintains fresh, soft, moisturised

Palm Oil (Refined)

(Elaeis guineensis)

Background: Our palm oil is extracted from the pulp of the palm fruit. It is refined to give it a neutral taste, creamy white appearance and buttery texture.

Properties/Benefits: Creamy white in colour when solid but begins to melt at 32oC. Melts to a clear liquid and is very stable at high temperatures.

Recommended Application: Palm oil is a common ingredient used in chocolate

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Spanish)

(Olea europaea)

Background: Our extra virgin olive oil is produced from the cold pressing of olive fruits. It is yellow to green in colour and has a distinct peppery characteristic with a grassy/earthy odour and taste. Just like a fine wine, you can be sure The Kerfoot Group has made no compromise in order to offer you this true Mediterranean gem!

Properties/Benefits: Produced from the first cold pressing of the olive fruit and

IP Soyabean Oil (GM-free)

(Glycine max)

Background: Soyabean oil is one of the most widely used vegetable oils, extracted from non-genetically modified soya beans.

Properties/Benefits: Our soyabean oil contains all 3 fatty acids and is low in saturated fat. It is one of the best performing oils for most food applications due to its light colour, odourless and tasteless appearance.

Recommended Application: A versatile oil

Toasted Sesame Seed Oil

(Sesamum Indicum)

Background: Our toasted sesame seed oil has a distinctive aroma produced from the toasting and crushing of sesame seeds. We offer two distinctive varieties, Mexican and Singaporean, so you can be sure The Kerfoot Group can offer you the perfect flavour for any creation.

Properties/Benefits: A very aromatic and flavoursome oil which is light brown/golden in colour. You don’t need to add much to your product

Rapeseed Oil (Refined)

(Brassica napus)

Background: Our refined, deodorised rapeseed oil is derived from the crushing of rapeseeds. Its affordability, very light yellow/golden in colour and taste make it the oil you find in every good kitchen.

Properties/Benefits: Rapeseed oil is GM Free, low in saturates, odourless and light in colour. It is one of the most popular frying oils due to its high smoke and flash points.