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Archive: March, 2012

My suitcase has never been so heavy!

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going“.  This is the story of my trip to the UK & to working at Kerfoot HQ in Yorkshire.  My trips have always been unique; unfortunately, I am leaving very soon, but as for any trip I will be taking back a full & even heavier suitcase – packed with new experiences & new challenges, new memories & new friends, new places visited & of course one of the most important ones – new targets

I feel like Alice in Wonderland!

Not more than eight hours have passed since I started the so-called escape from the realm of ice and snow.  It was the beginning of February and the cold wind of the north felt like I was trying to fool him and started blowing fiercefully as I approached the Chisinau Airport hill in Moldova.  It was so cold that I could no longer feel my hands and toes and the air was almost hard to breathe.

Somehow frozen and a little bit dizzy I followed the airport and Duane personnel hoping that

Kerfoot Truck Spotted!

Jenna Napoli from Richmond, North Yorkshire kindly got in touch after she spotted us this week!

I was on a road trip this Monday to Southampton from Richmond.  Stuck in traffic about half an hour south of Milton Keynes I spotted an OIL personalised number plate; then I saw  the Kerfoot “It’s Incredible” logo which looked amazing so I just had to get in touch!  Your truck look really great & I took a photo to prove it!  I think is is amazing that

Victoria Ghetu on her 1st visit to Yorkshire

So what did I think of when I heard people in my country Moldova talking of England?  I thought of proud castles, the monarchy, royal weddings, green villages, rainy weather & afternoon tea.  In between all the work & training I have been doing with The Kerfoot Group teams across HQ & Goole, I have had some time to explore Yorkshire.  Here are my top ten new favourites for my new short life in Yorkshire.

1.  Favourite food – Fish & chips,