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Archive: July, 2012

KPO’s Future Looks Bright

The Kerfoot Group has experienced significant growth over recent years and the Kerfoot Packed Oils division has been at the forefront of this strategy.  As the leading supplier of vegetable oils, olive oils and speciality oils to the UK’s best loved brands across food, animal feed and technical industries KPO continually strives to improve the service it provides and which its customers value.

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Pumice Powder

Background: A kind of igneous rock that is formed when a volcano erupts.  The lava solidifies to form this rock.  The pumice rock is then ground down into a powder form to make pumice powder.

Properties/Benefits: Pumice is an abrasive light volcanic rock; this is also true for the powder. When ground down to a powder the pumice particles help removes foreign substances, tarnish and plaque. It also provides a superb exfoliating medium to gently

Monoi Oil

(Gardenia tahitensis)

Background: Monoi Oil is traditionally made by soaking Tahitian gardenia flower in pure Coconut Oil for 15 days. The oil is pale yellow in colour and has a strong sweet floral scent. The Tahitian gardenia flower grows through out the French Polynesia. It was used by the Maori tribe 2,000 years ago for medicinal, cosmetic and religious purposes.

Properties / Benefits: Monoi Oil is rich in active

Mandarin Oil

(Citrus reticulate)

Background: Our Mandarin oil is expressed from the outer peel by cold pressing. Grown world wide it is yellowy-orange in colour with a blue-violet hint.  The oil has a floral intensely sweet citrus scent. Mandarin oil blends well with other citrus and spiced oils.

Properties/Benefits: It has antiseptic, stimulant and sedative properties, giving it great value as a medical herb. Curing ailments such as

Kiwi seed oil (refined)

(L. Actinidia chinensis PLANCHON)

Background: Our Kiwi seed oil is cold pressed and refined leaving it odourless. It is mostly grown in New Zealand. The oil is extracted from the kiwi fruit seed also known as the Chinese Gooseberry through a method of mechanical extraction.

Properties / Benefits: The oil is rich in vitamins and minerals allowing it to provide great moisture retention abilities. This makes it ideal for treating

Jojoba Wax

(Simmondsia sinensis)

Background: Our Jojoba Wax is a light golden, slightly sweet smelling and extremely hard. The Jojoba seed grows naturally in desert regions. The liquid oil is extracted from the seed through mechanical pressing and hydrogenated to a hard wax consistency.

Properties/Benefits: It contains Myristic acid which acts as an anti inflammatory agent. It’s also good for oily, dry and mixed skin types. The has

New mode of transport for Logistics

I just had to tell the world this story from my holiday in Olu Deniz in Turkey – the one time when I wasn’t worrying about moving our vegetable oils around the world!

After a 40 minute heated bus ride in 58°C heat I found myself 6000 feet above Olu Deniz town!  My tandem flight partner got me ready for take off, helmet on, backpack on then attaching the paraglide to the back of him it was time to go (after checking the paraglide was not tangled… at which point I

Kerfoot Argan Oil Challenge

Argan Oil is all over the media, it really is the hot topic as the “new super oil for hair and skincare.”

Kerfoot Speciality Oils stock Argan Oil & even we are shocked by how popular this product is proving.  Our own Elizabeth Kerfoot, Executive Director, has been using it for the last few months & now swears by it – forget Creme de la Mer & Lancome apparently!

So the KSO girls and Jennifer Kerfoot have taken up the challenge too.  Instead of

Another Kerfoot truck spotted!

Thank you to Natalie from Suffolk who contacted us yesterday with this photograph.  It was one of our KPO drivers, Steve Johnson, on a two-day delivery run, all parked up for the night.

I’ve spotted you!  I went for a walk in the sunshine last night & saw you parked up in my sleepy village, Kentford; we are about 10 miles from Bury St Edmunds so I wonder if you were or had been delivering oils there?  It was a such a lovely evening – your driver

A (wet!) Jobs Fair

On Friday 6 July, a very wet morning, Michal Sydzisz, Group Operations Manager, and I attended a Jobs Fair at Goole High School organised by the Local Job Centre Plus.  We had thought the event might be affected by the heavy rain but many people had still made the effort to attend.  They were packed into the school hall and all of them wanted to visit our Kerfoot stand!

We were inundated with people wanting to know more about The Kerfoot Group, asking what our Company did and how