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Archive: August, 2012

Logistics Coordinator swaps office for truck

There is usually only one 4am in my day however on Friday 10th August I discovered there were two as it was my turn to experience a day in a Kerfoot truck.  The route planned was six deliveries of KPO and KSO oil throughout the South Yorkshire area.  Armed with sandwiches and a flask of tea my driver for the day was Dave Hodgson and at 6:30am we departed our Goole James Street factory and headed on our way.

Despite working in Logistics for a few years now I had never

A day in the life of a KPO Production Supervisor

My day starts at 4:15am travelling to work for The Kerfoot Group at their Packed Oils factory on James Street in Goole.  Work starts at 5am on an early shift and as I am preparing in the factory for the day’s production I usually see all the Kerfoot trucks with their “It’s Incredible” logos emblazoned on the sides leaving site to deliver their first orders of the day!

At our Packed Oils factory we mainly concentrate on bulk orders, whether the oil is filled in IBCs

50 Shades of Oil

It’s the publishing sensation that has swept across the globe – and it has certainly been the talk of the kitchen here at Kerfoot HQ, The Olive House for a number of weeks.

What is vanilla?”….. “what is BDSM….. is it legal?”

Well quite frankly this male, middle-aged (but still sexy!) employee has had enough, especially given that trilogy is packed with ideas that seem to have been plagiarised directly from The Kerfoot