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Archive: March, 2013

It’s Incredible What Olive Oil Can Do!

Do you want to improve your health & live longer? Of course you do! Well here at The Kerfoot Group, we may just have found the answer…it’s only Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Who would have thought something that sits so smugly in the back of our cupboards could make us healthier & live longer?

A diet modified to include plenty of Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been shown to lower your risk of a heart attack or stroke & even dying from cardiovascular related conditions by a

Sleepout Update

You might have seen our recent blog on Sleeping Rough to raise money to provide temporary accommodation for homeless young people. We wanted to provide an update on these events, as the fundraising has been very successful.

2 charities organise regular “Sleepouts” in the Yorkshire area, SASH and YMCA. Thomas Kerfoot, Commercial Director here at The Kerfoot Group, has now completed two SASH Sleepouts, one in London and one in North Yorkshire. And this year The Kerfoot Group had

Kerfoot’s Heated IBC’s

A perfect solution to temperature control for your precious oils!

Cold mornings are something we all hate, I’m sure you’ll agree?  Oil is no different when it feels the chill – becoming viscous & difficult to manage!

When oils are stored in cold environments the natural waxes present in the oil begin to join together resulting in a cloudy, viscous appearance. The oil will typically whiten but don’t panic… it does not indicate

British Pie Week

4th – 8th of March, it is British Pie Week, so being a bunch of foodies here at The Kerfoot Group, we thought we’d ask the team for their favourite pie recipes incorporating Kerfoot Oils in their fillings & pastries.

We had some fantastic suggestions, from cheese & onion to rhubarb, fish to meat & potato…but there was one recipe we HAD to write a blog about & that is our Chief Executive David Kerfoot’s very Yorkshire Shepherd’s Pie.

Sleeping Rough for Charity

The Kerfoot Group has charitable giving at its core & one extremely important cause that we have supported is homelessness, particularly with young people. SASH (Safe & Sound Homes) is a charity that provides temporary accommodation for homeless young people in the homes of volunteers. Last year they provided 840 nights of accommodation across North Yorkshire & saw a 90% increase in demand for their services.

To raise funds & awareness, SASH organise regular Sleepouts,