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Archive: July, 2013

Arnica Oil

(Arnica montana)

Arnica oil is native to Northern and Central Europe, but can be found growing wild in Scandinavia and North India. Arnica oil is a yellowy-orange liquid with a greenish-blue hint. The oil is extracted through steam distillation of the flowers and root.
Arnica oil is believed to stimulate the peripheral blood supply when applied externally. It claims to

Abyssinian Oil

(Crambe Abyssinica)

The Abyssinian plant is native to the Ethiopian Highlands, which are also known as Abyssinia. Today, the crops are cultivated in Mediterranean and temperate zones.
Abyssinian oil is a clear liquid oil, and is extremely light in colour and feeling.
Abyssinian oil is said to be an effective moisturiser that promotes smooth, supple skin and aides