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Archive: October, 2013

The Omega Factor

Oil has been added to equine diets for hundreds of years & the benefits have always been unquestionable. In an increasingly competitive environment where horses are pushed to their limits, their nutrition must meet our demands. This means maintaining a balance of omega-3 & 6 fatty acids to achieve optimal health & condition. Modern cereal-based feeds have raised levels of omega-6 which must be stabilised by supplementing with a good quality source of omega-3 & one of the best

Magic Numbers

3 is a Magic Number sang de La Soul, so that got me thinking about other magic numbers, for we have associated numbers throughout history to things which have now become so interlinked that there is almost a magical connection. Other tunes with a number in the title include 99 Red balloons, 76 Trombones, When I’m 64… and some popular music combinations have a number in their name:

Two men, one morning and a 40 tonne truck!

It was one of the stranger starts to a day I’ve had in a few years! I woke up at 5.30am for a rendezvous with one of our HGV drivers – my guide for the morning was Dave Hodgson and I would be accompanying him on his morning route around the Northeast, delivering our fantastic oils to three Kerfoot Packed Oils clients.

In the Logistics Division at The Kerfoot Group, our day-to-day role is to ensure our oil is delivered to our customers where and when they need it. This