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As well as food, we have another obsession at the Kerfoot Group, and that is our dogs! We are pretty much all dog mad here and so we just had to have a fun competition to celebrate Christmas, and we called it…Cruftsmas. We asked for photographs of pet pooches all dressed up in their most Christmassy outfits and accessories.

We had some fantastically cute and funny entries, everything from several dogs wearing antlers to a German Shepherd dressed as Father Christmas, complete with

Meet the Team Christmas Special – Lauren

What do you love most about Christmas –  The best thing about Christmas is cosy nights in, spending time with family and lots of good food.

Favourite Christmas movie –   Love Actually

Best Christmas present you’ve ever had –  A pink bike when I was about 7.

Favourite Christmas Food –   Mince Pies of course!

What is your Christmas Eve ritual –   A few sneaky drinks in the pub, before going home and relaxing in front of the TV.


Meet the Team Christmas Special – Anthony


What do you love most about Christmas – Spending time with family

Favourite Christmas movie – Home Alone (a family favourite!)

Best Christmas present you’ve ever had – ZX Spectrum 48k with Football Manager (c. 1982!)

Favourite Christmas Food – Red wine and Cheese (the stronger the better!)

What is your Christmas Eve ritual – Cook the Christmas turkey with bacon, go to carols by candle-light service, return to a wonderful aroma and eat the

The 12 Smells of Christmas

If like me you enjoy hand making Christmas presents then why not try making your own soap, fragrance or massage oil to give to that special someone? If you’re a retailer looking to add that holiday vibe to your products but are a little stumped, fear not we are here to help. So go grab a cuppa and a biscuit (don’t worry we won’t tell), relax and enjoy.

Your sense of smell has a direct extension to the brain. Its direct contact means we get a very quick, very intensive reaction

Festive Flavours from The Kerfoot Group

Christmas is fast approaching, and warming Christmas foods will no doubt be on most people’s minds. It’s the time of year that we can all over indulge on our favourite foods, and we don’t have to worry about the consequences until January… well at least we can keep telling ourselves that! We particularly associate Christmas with the smells and tastes of Cinnamon and this happens to be one of the many flavoured oils that The Kerfoot Group offer.

Flavour of the

Meet the Team Christmas Special – David

What do you love most about Christmas? – You are allowed to eat food with alcohol in it.


Favourite Christmas movie? –   Bad Santa starring Billy Bob Thornton. It’s a fun dark comedy which suits me down to the ground, and it’s a big contrast to all the shiny happy, super cheesy Christmas films that we are bombarded with at this time of year!


Best Christmas present you’ve ever had? – Tommy Cooper Golf Game. You got a target, 4 hard

The Kerfoot Group are great exhibitionists!

You would be excused for thinking that you are looking at a photograph of a very chic bar in the city – it’s actually a pic of The Kerfoot Group exhibition stand which was rolled out at the very busy In Cosmetics exhibition in Paris earlier this year, where a record number of visitors (nearly 10,000!) attended the 652 exhibitors ‘ stands.

It’s Incredible just how many oils we produce!

The HPCI Exhibition in Warsaw was busy and kept Josh and Maciej on their toes in

Northallerton Jobs Fair

In our home town of Northallerton there are 2 major employers closing down; the local prison is closing and the Rural Payments Agency is relocating to York and Newcastle leaving hundreds of local people facing redundancy or relocation. A task force has been set up to support those entering the jobs market and the founder of The Kerfoot Group, David Kerfoot, is chairman of this Taskforce. The Taskforce’s aim is to connect local employers with those looking for jobs or setting up new


As ‘Movember’ draws to a close across the Kerfoot Group the gentlemen in head office enjoyed some moustache shaped biscuits today to celebrate the end of a successful months growth!

The edible moustaches were not as smart as the real things but great fun to flag the final week. Thank you to all who took part across the whole business. Another batch of biscuits made their way to Goole ready for the end of November.

A fantastic cause and thank you chaps for being such great

From Russia with Love

Greetings from the Speciality Sales Team, writing from Domodedovo Airport, Russia.

The Kerfoot Commercial teams have certainly been busy with recent exhibitions in Warsaw, Frankfurt, Moscow and not forgetting Coventry.

Our brief trip to the Russian capital was just long enough to further cement our relationships with current and potential customers, whilst constantly learning how to continue supplying this part of the world in the most efficient way. Logistics, language and