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Ships Ahoy!

On Wednesday 21st May, we were invited by Simonsen Chartering’s to their Annual Summer Get Together, held in Svenborg, Denmark. Simonsens are the owners of the vessels we charter to bring in thousands of tonnes of vegetable oil each month.

We had an incredible journey ahead of us starting at 6.30am in Northallerton where we had to catch a train across the Pennines to Manchester airport. We then had no time to mess around as it was through security and onto our next mode

Another Incredible Spot!

Natalie Robson the sister of Tom Robson, KSO Sales Executive, spotted one of our trucks on the A1 near Castleford today Friday 30 May. She was so Incredibly excited at seeing one of the trucks from the company her brother works for that she sent it straight into him. It was our driver Rob Morley who had finished his last delivery and was on his way back to Goole after another busy week delivering all over the UK.

If you see one of our drivers out and about then please take a photo (if

Wensleydale Wanders 2014

On Saturday 12th April
Team Kerfoot (Jennifer, Casper, Richard, Karlene, Dawn and her sister Andrea)
took part in the Wensleydale wander, a 12 or 22 mile event run by the
Wensleydale rotary club, in order to raise money for local charities. The route
departed from Leyburn and called at Preston-under-Scar,
Redmire, Bolton Hall (at this point the 12 mile walk returns to Leyburn), West
Witton, Middleham and the Gallops, East Witton and finally

National Pet Month 2014

April is National Pet Month 2014!


Throughout the week of 7-11 April The Kerfoot Group are celebrating National Pet Month & revealing some surprising information about how the Kerfoot Group might be involved in your pet’s care. You may not be aware that not only do we supply our high quality oils to the human food industry; we also have a large customer base of pet food manufacturers.

Maintaining the Standards

Here is something to brighten up your week…some of our Production Operatives mucking in with the weekly cleaning routine at our packed oils factory in Goole. Now who doesn’t love to see a man doing housework?!

We are very lucky to have such an INCREDIBLE team of Operatives who take great pride in keeping our factory spick and span. Every Friday they all work together to get the production area sparkling ready for the next week of hard work filling hundreds of vegetable oil

Have you tried Kerfoot’s African Black Soap yet?

African Black Soap originates from West Africa, where it has been used for centuries by Ghanaians to help with skin issues. Indigenous techniques of creating African Black Soap have been passed down from generation to generation to keep the natural black soaps close to Mother Nature.

African Black Soap is a natural source of vitamin A, vitamin E and iron. The soap is used all over the World, as it is said to help reduce acne, clear oily skin and blemishes, treat eczema and reduce body

A Massive Leap in Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

The Kerfoot Group is proud of our ethical approach and corporate responsibility is integral to everything we do. Our policy of sustainability ensures that we minimise our environmental impact throughout our product lifecycle from sourcing through production to delivery. We are also (as anyone who read the blog about our Xmas dog photo competition will know) firm believers that animals are our friends and as such are staunchly against animal testing in any form.

We welcome the recent

Harrods selling ‘fake’ Olive Oil

Tut Tut! It looks like ‘Horrids’ have had their wrists slapped recently!  Apparently they have been caught out by the Italians
for selling ‘fake’ Tuscan extra virgin olive oil on their website.  Strict European protocol dictates that bottles of olive oil may only be labelled as Tuscan olive oil if the whole manufacturing process, including growing, pressing and bottling happens in the region.  In the case of Harrods’ olive oil – it appears that it may well have

Spanish Liquid Gold

The buying and technical team from The Kerfoot Group have just returned from an annual audit of their key olive oil suppliers.  Here they share with us the olive oil manufacturing process as well as their thoughts on the market today. The majority of the Andalucía’s landscape in Spain is filled with row upon row of olive trees which makes for a beautiful landscape, as well as a fruitful olive production. Over 80% of Spain’s olives are harvested in Andalucía and with such diverse

Integrity and Ethical Trading

During Fairtrade Fortnight 2014, The Kerfoot Group would like to take the opportunity to highlight our ethical trading policy and our stance on labour standards. We are committed to highly ethical business practices, and we pride ourselves on our careful choice of manufacturers. As a leading company within the vegetable and speciality oil industry, we are not afraid to use our influence and position to take a strong stance on any form of slave labour. We do not condone or accept slave