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From the office to the open roads

On Tuesday 28th January, I started my day very differently to the usual. I arrived at Olive House, our Northallerton Head Office at around 8.30am to change into my safety shoes & put on my hi-viz jacket. Today was the day I swapped the desk job to be a passenger with one of our fabulous Kerfoot HGV drivers. My teacher/guide for the day was Bob Grimston. After a quick photo & ensuring I got into the cab ok (as I was thinking HOW will I get up there?!) Bob talked me through what would

The Chips are Up

National Chip Week 17-21 February 2014

Regular readers of our blog will know what a food-loving lot we are, & as the UK’s leading independent supplier of vegetable oils, we could not let National Chip Week pass by without acknowledging it! As well as sharing our own favourite chip recipes (& the endless list of accompaniments…be it steak, fish, ketchup, mayo, eggs or something

A tin of luminous spray paint, cool man and some rum punch

The clapped out minibus screeched to a noisy stop and Willies gold teeth glinted in the mid-day sun. It was like looking at a pot of gold.

‘Ok man, need a ride?’

‘Well yes do you know anywhere I can buy a tin of
spray paint?

‘Hanks shack man. Cool’

‘Can you take me there please?

‘Cool man’

Ever since the little turbo prop commuter plane had dipped her wings to signify Liat flight 563 from Barbados

Atlantic Row 2013

A year ago this month we were getting enthusiastic at the prospects of Dan Howie from Northallerton (and old school pal of Tom Kerfoot!) and London based Will North facing the challenge of their lives by competing in The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Rowing Race. Well  I’m here to tell you that THEY HAVE DONE IT!!


Our two salty seadogs ‘ Atlantic Row 2013’

Goodbye to an old friend

Replacing anything is always a bitter sweet experience, wouldn’t you agree?

The Kerfoot Group Logistics team are saddened to finally say goodbye to ‘Zulu’. Our oldest vehicle has unfortunately reached its best before date after many thousands of miles service. From arriving at our doors in 2005 up to the present day, our trusted ZWU has served us well over the years and even those instances that frustrated us don’t seem too bad now…thanks to those rose coloured glasses. We

Striving for Functionality & Marketability in the personal care sector

It never ceases to amaze when we manage to extract yet more natural oil out of another sporadic raw material. The tap is very much flowing in the natural oil production arena and does not seem to be turning off. The past year has brought another list of incredible oils that have successfully managed to excite the world of cosmetics. It is also fair to say, there are few limitations on even more oils entering the market in the next few months.
Despite the obvious health benefits of

New Year Resolutions

It’s the New Year, the time of dewy eyed resolutions and fresh starts.  Due to the fact that I have been unable to see my feet due to my ever increasing waistline in 2013 I thought it might be time for a lifestyle change??? Having toiled with numerous ideas; a self-imposed January drinking ban – ridiculous, a 10km cross country slog – too much effort & even more ridiculous, or dust the football boots off for a final comeback –but the Mrs won’t allow that either, too much