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National Cupcake Day 18th September 2015

National Cupcake day is upon us again, Natasha and I had a ‘big bake off’ last night!
Here at The Kerfoot Group we do have a sweet tooth, yet we do also love our healthy fruity Fridays.
So, last night we baked a dozen cupcakes each, using the most important ingredient which is Kerfoot oil.
They turned out” incredibly” well, and I was eager to see Tasha’s results.
We both placed our cupcakes in the kitchen, and within the hour they had just about disappeared!

FOSFA Middle Managers Course

The Kerfoot Group are thrilled to announce that Joanne Deighton, Trader for the Kerfoot Bulk Oils division has received the FOSFA special merit award following her attendance at this year’s prestigious middle managers course, held at the Royal Holloway University, London. The course was well attended, with 36 other managers from around the globe and was a result of her essay submission ‘Greater volumes of trade (oilseed, oils and fats) are supplied in the international trade by

A Glamorous Day of Racing

Now we are in August we are all on the countdown to our day at Thirsk Races, with our partners, courtesy of Jennifer our Chief Executive. The boys are already tired of the hat & shoes chatter in the kitchens over lunch… but it is Ladies Day after all! Our Traders are behaving as you’d expect & keeping all their Racing Post insider knowledge to themselves, but two years ago when we last had a celebration at the Races we had a Tipster talk to us before lunch so we may not need

Summer Hair Repair

Summer can be a tough time for hair as the sun and sea can really dry it out as can repeated colouring. If you have thick or dry hair anyway it can make hair really unmanageable and so a couple of us in Speciality Oils decided to put the oils we sell to the test and make our own hair masks.
Natasha made this hair mask by heating some sheanut refined butter until it turned to liquid, adding Argan CPD and Sweet Almond BP73.
This mask was quiet thick so it was left in overnight to

Spoilt for Choice this summer!

Like many people at this time of year I’m looking forward to lazy days on the beach enjoying the summer heat. With this in mind I decided that it was time to work on my ‘beach body’ with the use of some of the many incredible oils that the Kerfoot group supply.
After reading about the amazing properties of Acai Berry oil and Rose absolute oil in our very own ‘Spoilt for choice’ speciality oils newsletter, I decided that I definitely needed to try them out for myself.

Spoilt for Choice

Kerfoot Speciality Oils
Here at the Kerfoot Group we are always aiming to deliver the best possible service to our customers and with this in mind our incredible Speciality Oils Division has created a fabulous new and fresh looking newsletter which highlights some of the many speciality oils we are able to supply. See this month’s product of the month Cananga Oil.
You could “Try before you buy” ask for a sample to be sent out from our vast range of speciality oils, just

20 Years Anniversary

He doesn’t look old enough does he and you would be forgiven for thinking that our Financial Director Anthony was but a mere lad when he came to The Kerfoot Group 20 years ago – it must be the Kerfoot Olive Oil!
To mark the occasion and acknowledge his long service – there was a presentation on Friday 27 March where David Kerfoot thanked Anthony for his commitment and dedication to the family and the company and reminded him of a few moments across the years – how much the

Tapas Time

Visiting the picturesque region of Andalucía for a review of our olive oil supply base provided not only an experience to learn about the technical processes and current markets but an opportunity for an insight into everyday life in Spain.
Approaching, along a winding country lane, a valley of pale stone buildings nestled between steep hillsides of olive groves and treacherous mountains in the distance topped with snow.
Strolling around the quaint traditional Spanish town,


Isn’t it funny how many people love this little white fluffy and crunchy stuff!
On National Popcorn Day The Kerfoot Group have a lot more to celebrate than most (maybe not as much as the Cinema’s though?!)
We supply Rapeseed oil and Sunflower oil to a number of companies who make this wonderful treat – it tells you what they do on the packet!
Sweet or Salty, Cheesy or Spiced everyone at the Kerfoot Group is enjoying tasting these different flavours and finding their