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Archive: December, 2015

Meet the Team – Christmas Special 2015 – Simon Corner

Favourite Christmas song?
Have to be a toss-up between Slade and the Pogues, but “Fairy-tale of New York” wins as it’s mandatory to have a drink in your hand whilst belting it out!

Who would your Father Christmas be?
Liam Gallagher, probably discuss religion, politics and world peace for all of 30 seconds and then get the party started. I’d probably have half a chance at trivial pursuits as well – I would hope!

Most embarrassing

Walking In A Kerfoot Wonderland

Well, it’s that time of year again! It comes but once a year. The nights are drawing in; the high-street stores are full of busy shoppers and children everywhere are writing their wish lists to the jolly man in red.

2015 has been another successful year at The Kerfoot Group and as we edge closer to Christmas and the New Year, the company will be spreading plenty of festive joy to all our customers by launching our new ‘winter’ branded box which has been given a full festive

Meet the Team – Christmas Special 2015 – Steve Savage

Favourite Christmas song?
The Pogues Fairytale of New York

Who would your Father Christmas be?
There’s only one Father Christmas! Just in case he reads the Kerfoot Blog I don’t want him to think I don’t believe and take me off his list.

Most embarrassing Christmas moment?
When I was about ten my parents gave me a bright red racing bike. Christmas morning after about an hour in the shed my Mum came in to find I’d completely stripped