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Archive: August, 2016

Life in the Logistics division

Name: Denys Kay
Job Title: HGV driver/Senior driver
Length of service: Started 16 October 1997 (19 years this October)

1. Explain your role in a maximum of 2 sentences?
My role is driving a 44 ton truck delivering oil to our customers; I also induct new drivers and agency drivers. I also help and advise the logistics team when necessary.

2. If you were an oil, which one would you be and why?
I would be Extra Virgin olive oil, it’s

National Chocolate Day………..yummy!

On the 12th August, here at The Kerfoot Group we are celebrating National Chocolate Day – sounds like a fantastic idea to me………..who doesn’t like chocolate! (Eating Nutella from the jar with a spoon is a favourite past time of mine….I definitely fall into the ‘Chocoholic’ category!). So when we decided to celebrate this day I was excited to say the least.
We have been busy preparing for this day, some have baked, some have bought and some have simply shared a

Health Safety Focus Fortnight Week 2

Health & Safety Focus Fortnight
Here at The Kerfoot Group we have come to the end of our Health & Safety Focus Fortnight, what a great two weeks it’s been!
We’ve had fire safety awareness and feedback on our mock evacuation from the previous week. The guys in our factories had some training on moving the load – from manual handling through to fork lift trucks – it covered the appropriate techniques and equipment to use for all sorts of situations.

Life in the Technical Division

Name: Jared Netherwood
Job Title: Technical Administrator
Length of service: 2 months

1. Explain your role in a maximum of 2 sentences
Working as part of the speciality oils division providing customers with all the information they require.

2. If you were an oil, which one would you be and why?
Cocoa butter as who doesn’t like the smell of chocolate!

3. Tell us 1 interesting/surprising fact about yourself?
I did gymnastics for 10 years