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Archive: August, 2019

4 proven health benefits of olive oil

In the global sphere of wellness, olive oil, and particularly extra-virgin olive oil (EVO), has long been known as one of the world’s healthiest oils. In regions where olive oil is part of a staple diet, especially in the Mediterranean, people tend to live longer and in better health. It’s no surprise, considering the numerous health benefits associated with this staple of the kitchen cupboard.

EVO is an unrefined oil and the highest grade of olive oil you can buy, containing more

Skip-care – Where do oils fit in?

As with all facets of health and beauty, skin care is subject to trends and fashions from various reference points around the world. The cultural melting pot has created techniques and innovations that influence the products bought and the technology behind them.

‘Skip-care’ is the latest trend in skin wellness. It challenges the fundamentals of skin care, and to many people that are used to the rigors of modern skin care, it feels like a breath of fresh air. Skip-care has one

Skincare Through The Seasons

The weather can have a significant effect on the health of our skin. Open to all the elements, the skin can be vulnerable if not looked after properly. From warm to cold and heavy rainfall to dry winds, seasonal shifts affect skin wellness in ways many people are not even aware of. Why does the skin change from season to season and what helps take care of it?

From warm to wintry

The skin likes consistency, so the changes that come from the seasons can be a shock to the system.