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20 Years Anniversary

He doesn’t look old enough does he and you would be forgiven for thinking that our Financial Director Anthony was but a mere lad when he came to The Kerfoot Group 20 years ago – it must be the Kerfoot Olive Oil!
To mark the occasion and acknowledge his long service – there was a presentation on Friday 27 March where David Kerfoot thanked Anthony for his commitment and dedication to the family and the company and reminded him of a few moments across the years – how much the company has grown over this time and going forward the opportunities there are – not least for Anthony who will always have a job opportunity as Receptionist should all else fail – apparently in the early days, David had asked him to cover reception and he had done a good job of it too!!
We raised a glass to Anthony as he cut his ‘anniversary cake’! Cheers to the next 20 years Ant!

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