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A helping hand from the Kerfoot Group to beat the cold and flu season

Now that’s its officially autumn…hello September 27th…the cold and flu season is fast approaching, and with no cure for the common cold happening any time soon we at the Kerfoot Group have some tips and tricks that may just help get you through it.

The Kerfoot Group supply a whole range of essential oils that have lots of cold and flu fighting properties. Sore throat? Instead of sucking on those sweets have you tried gargling Ginger or eucalyptus oil diluted in a cup of water? Feeling all congested?  Why not give our peppermint or pine oil a try, or white thyme which can be put in the bath to help sweat it out. Tea tree oil is not only good for spots – because of its anti-inflammatory properties it can also help a sore throat.

To prevent those nasty bugs from setting up shop in your house try using a burner or a steamer you can buy online. These immune enhancing oil dispersers can be used throughout the day and are great if you have children or pets. Conifer oils, including spruce, pine and fir and various species of eucalyptus will help give those nasty bugs their marching orders. Remember essential oils need to be diluted do not use them directly on the skin without using a carrier, and when putting in a burner don’t forget the water.

So wrap up warm and get your Kerfoot essential oils ready for action!

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor if problems persist. We are not doctors or aromatherapists, we just know about our oils and their properties.

By Jade Doherty, KSO Technical Administrator

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