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A Room with a view – 7th April 2017

A Room with a view – 7th April 2017

As we all know, trying to get a seat at NPG or a place to work other than the “picnic” tables in the Technical office can prove rather difficult. You will often hear people saying “if you’d have gotten here 2 mins earlier” or “can I perch on your pedestal” or my favourite “Surely you can pull rank?” Securing those prized and well sought after seats becomes a daily/weekly stealth operation.
This is all about to change…. NPG is transforming!!!
1) The location being transformed is the Mezzanine in unit D, it was originally used for storage space and soon it will be com office Space for over 20 people, which means no shortage of desks!
The below picture shows the Mezzanine in all its ‘storage’ glory before the transformation began…

2) TA’DARRR!!! Can you believe this is the same space?

Has Marc England been supervising this project, I hear you wonder.
3) The Scaffolding is up and work is well underway. This is a view from the production floor looking up to the offices. This has been extended and is being made into two storeys to create room for the Technical Lab, a Boardroom, new office space, plus extra meeting rooms and storage rooms.

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