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All Systems Go!

Our systems department are beginning the process of moving our systems to a brand new hardware. As all of the boxes arrived on a truck, which only just fit in the car park, the faces of the systems team lit up.
As the planning stage started the systems team began to design the servers to go beyond what we need so that we can continue to not only input orders on the system quickly but to have information sent across to our customers in no time at all.
As the systems team began to build the servers, Jennifer Kerfoot, Chief Executive, came down to witness the systems team with rubber gloves on fitting memory and came up with the comment #geeks.
As seen in the photo we have the systems team all kitted up to perform the hardware installs. On the left of the photo we have Richard Hodgson, Group Systems Manager, and on the right Adam Rye, IT Technician.
The photo showing The Generation 8 Server had Richard all excited and declared “I enjoyed the view that much I want a poster on my wall”. Adam Rye declared “one millisecond response time just isn’t good enough”.
As the systems team progress with our #Generation8 servers we look forward to a faster system and also with the arrival of a new network Adam can’t wait to get his response time to less than 1 millisecond!

Adam Rye
IT Technician

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