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Apples, blackberries and cold pressed rapeseed oil = MUFFINS

On my drive home from work last night I was bursting with excitement for the evenings viewing of the only programme worth watching on the TV, ‘The Great British Bake Off’ (TGBBO). Although I would love to appear on the programme I am quite happy tinkering away at home baking all sorts for my willing tasters, my husband and my father.

I had decided it was going to be a kitchen first and was going to substitute butter (very high in saturated fat) for oil; it seemed like madness that I was not going to at least try this. Both my tasters love butter so I was interested to know what they would think. Now I must mention my love of Mary Berry, a true legend of the Victoria Sponge world. I read everything she writes, own every book and I am not sure she would approve but worth trying before I go on the next TGBBO series.

Everyone has something that really makes them smile, something you don’t always see but something that makes you really happy. I think rapeseed growing in a field is one of the greatest sights. Yes during the height of the summer it is common as muck but when it is gone I do really miss it. When the sun is shining, I’m out with the Labrador and spaniel rapeseed just makes me happy. As the summer is drawing to a close I think it is good therapy for me to use some of the ‘good stuff’ and bake some muffins.

Before you all throw me in the loony bin, I’m sure Mary loves rapeseed too! So last night I did it for the rapeseed and baked ‘Apple and Blackberry muffins with rapeseed oil’. My findings are below and believe me they taste good, plus as I am suffering from an over indulgent holiday they are not too fattening either, perfect.

The recipe was idiot proof and here are a few snaps of how it went along the way.


The ingredients, nothing you would not have @ home. Oh the eggs just missed the photo shoot but must not be forgotten.


All the ‘liquid ingredients’ in the blender. As I was in a rush to get them baked before settling down with a brew to watch ‘TGBBO’ I used a food processor but it is advised to use an electric hand whisk.


Sieving in the dry stuff, watch out for lumps


  Adding 2 of your five a day. I feel like I’m losing weight by just looking at these muffins in the making.


Ready for battle. I have had to double up some of the muffin cases as the ‘cheaper ones’ that were not that cheap collapsed (I will be contacting the retailer, poor).


Da dah! I did an extra batch so I could omit the poor ones but I’m not afraid to show you the ones that did not make the tin to work….Even Mary makes mistakes (sometimes)


For my husband, he won’t judge!



In the tin and off to work. All at the Olive House today can try them as they will be in the kitchen later today.

My thoughts, yum, even if I may say so myself (I’m sure Mary B would agree too). As the media continue to hammer the damage saturated fats has on our temple like bodies I do feel rather virtuous cooking with the Cold pressed rapeseed oil. They are lighter in taste and weight which ultimately means my taters can eat more without feeling guilty.

I will definitely be using CP rapeseed oil again in baking and I await the verdict from the true critics ‘The Olive House colleagues’……

Tiny print facts: CP Rapeseed oil is lower in saturated fats, contains more Omega 3 and more vitamin E (compared with Olive Oil). Looks good, tastes good and is good, what is not to like!

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