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British Pie Week

4th – 8th of March, it is British Pie Week, so being a bunch of foodies here at The Kerfoot Group, we thought we’d ask the team for their favourite pie recipes incorporating Kerfoot Oils in their fillings & pastries.

We had some fantastic suggestions, from cheese & onion to rhubarb, fish to meat & potato…but there was one recipe we HAD to write a blog about & that is our Chief Executive David Kerfoot’s very Yorkshire Shepherd’s Pie.


David Kerfoot’s ONE & ONLY Shepherd’s Pie


Sheer artistry in the kitchen by a personally trained Nigella Lawson chef. Nowt like er.

Take a few spuds…I prefer Yorkie Gold variety because you end up with much creamier texture if you follow my rules of engagement. Boil em with a pinch of sea salt from Whitby till they are just breaking… more. Drain well & – this is a key point, slap about 3 tablespoons full of milk into them & mash vigorously. Don’t hold back. When they are fluffy get a chunk of salted Yorkshire butter…must be Yorkshire coz its adds more flavour & mash away to perfection. Sprinkle salt & pepper liberally. I use a pair of those pots you see in fish & chip shops….. distributes better & in bigger quantities quicker. Don’t ask me where they came from but ‘The Battered Place’ in Sheffield is a good fish ‘ole so to speak.

Now then.

Get a load of beef mince which will fill the bottom of your pie dish. Make it a big un. None of this arty farty measuring lark just use your common sense.  Must be Yorkie beef coz again it’s the best. Frank Smirthwaite up at Swinithwaite will always do you a good deal on mince. It’s fresh. Less than an hour from field to mincer & believe me Frank has a cracking mincer.

Take Kerfoots best quality Refined Pomace Oil & lightly fry the beef adding 2 or 3 diced onions from your allotment. Slap on more seasoning from your fish ole’ dispensers. Now this is the secret ingredient – add Henderson’s age old relish, at least a tablespoon. Made in Sheffield for 100 years, a relish that brings tears to your eyes.  Add about ¼ pint of Oxo gravy mix.  Its rite good flavour wise. Not the new stuff the old cube. When everything is golden turn into your dish & slap the mash on top. Level with a small trowel.

Now then.

Take some really mature cheddar. The stuff that gives you a sore throat if you eat it neat without a cracker. Grate finely then shove on top of your mash. Pile it up. Add a sprig of fresh parsley for effect on top. My friend Nigella taught me that. Nowt like making it look good she says. Mmmm.

Now then.

Get it rite into the middle of the oven for about 30 minutes. Judge it your sen by looking now & then.

Serve in mega helpings with lashings of Henderson’s.

Aye & a pint of Landlord, Black Sheep or Stallion.

Nowt like it.

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