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The Kerfoot Group - Oil Specialists Jennifer Kerfoot with the Kerfoot Overseas team, December 2011

Kerfoot Overseas LLP come to HQ

Since opening our subsidiary office in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, 6 years ago Kerfoot Overseas LLP has gone from strength to strength.  Between the three employees over there, Christina Baciu, Aliona Mocanu and Victoria Ghetu, they focus on the Kerfoot Speciality Oils division.  Christina leads the Eastern European, Russian and Middle Eastern sales portfolio for the area while her two colleagues focus on the hugely important technical requirements, documentation and administration of KSO’s very niche oils, butters and waxes.

The Kerfoot Overseas team come to Kerfoot HQ next week to work with their colleagues for 6 weeks, building on their knowledge, meeting new personnel, taking the opportunity to have face-to-face meetings with their supplier base and of course absorbing and further learning about the Kerfoot culture and vision.

We are all geared up at The Olive House and at our Goole sites for their arrival but especially excited to catch up with what they have been up to in Moldova.  Jennifer Kerfoot spent some time with them December 2011, on a philanthropic mission as well as commercial, and told us all about the progression and achievements Kerfoot Overseas have made.  We can’t wait to see them (don’t forget to bring us some of your amazing Moldovan wine and chocolates please ladies)!!

Jennifer E. Kerfoot, Group People Director

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