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Wensleydale Wanders 2014

On Saturday 12th April
Team Kerfoot (Jennifer, Casper, Richard, Karlene, Dawn and her sister Andrea)
took part in the Wensleydale wander, a 12 or 22 mile event run by the
Wensleydale rotary club, in order to raise money for local charities. The route
departed from Leyburn and called at Preston-under-Scar,
Redmire, Bolton Hall (at this point the 12 mile walk returns to Leyburn), West
Witton, Middleham and the Gallops, East Witton and finally Spennithorne before returning
back to Leyburn. The weather was wet and windy but this did not deter team
Kerfoot who set off at a brisk pace, and approaching West Witton everyone was
still in high spirits. Of all the checkpoints on route, we were most keen to
reach the famous “Sausage Butty Stand” which promised every weary walker a
fantastic local sausage in a bun and a warm cup of tea. However, between us and
our much needed butty stood the rather steep ascent of Penn Hill. Undeterred we
finally reached the checkpoint much to everyone’s relief. Again the group
pushed on and by the time we reached Spennithorne
we were all beginning to flag a little but with the end in sight we knew we
were nearly there. We finally reached the end of the route in a very
respectable 6hrs and 55mins and enjoyed a very welcome sit down.

Richard Hodgson, Systems Manager

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