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Christmas card Recycling…… how you can you can make a difference

When Christmas is over we’re all a bit flat………………no more mince pies or chocolates, no more presents. Your decorations have come down and it’s difficult to know what do with your Christmas cards………….bin them, save them for next year, remember your Blue Peter days and cut them up for gift tags? Well recycling is the answer, and not just in your recycling bin at home, but in the box in reception at The Olive House. And why should you do this? Well it will help plant more trees to balance out those that are used to make the lovely Christmas cards we send every year.
It’s incredible what a difference a few old cards can make. The Woodland Trust is working with Marks and Spencer to plant more tress through recycling old cards. For every 1000 recycled Christmas cards the Woodland Trust can plant another tree, you can even go along and plant a tree yourself!
The Kerfoot Group have a recycling box in reception where all the cards we received in 2014 are going and have encouraged all our employees to bring in their cards from home to support this good cause. Our woodlands are important habitat for wildlife and help the environment to keep our air clean. So please support this great cause and do something really useful with that incredible “Round Robin” card from Aunty Jean and recycle!
Mary Robson
People Division.

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