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50 Shades of Shea…..

Well that got your attention – The title was inspired by a recent slip of the tongue during a light hearted office chat on the Sales desk. We really do always have oils, waxes & butters on our mind…

Kerfoot Speciality Oils actually have 5 Grades of Shea available:

Refined Shea Butter

Organic Refined Shea Butter

Organic Unrefined Shea butter

Organic Shea Butter Nilotica

Shea Oil / Shea Olein

It also goes into our African Black Soap – Does that count!?

We aim to source all of our Shea Butter from Community Projects such as the Women’s Shea Project we support in Ghana.

The projects encourage a fully traceable system for the traditional production of Shea butter, which is rapidly being developed in order that our supplies from local women’s groups can be classed as Fairly traded or is in line with a similar ethical brand. This will include systems to ensure both quality control & traceable financial transactions with women along the entire value chain.

Thank you for all the customer feedback we’ve been receiving about the fantastic quality of the Shea – Please keep sending it in

No matter how you like your Shea butter – Get in touch I’m sure we’ll have the perfect “shade” for you!

Hannah Bangura, Commercial Manager, Kerfoot Speciality Oils

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