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A day in the life of a KPO Production Supervisor

My day starts at 4:15am travelling to work for The Kerfoot Group at their Packed Oils factory on James Street in Goole.  Work starts at 5am on an early shift and as I am preparing in the factory for the day’s production I usually see all the Kerfoot trucks with their “It’s Incredible” logos emblazoned on the sides leaving site to deliver their first orders of the day!

At our Packed Oils factory we mainly concentrate on bulk orders, whether the oil is filled in IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) or in the various different drums from 25L to 5L which are filled on a smaller line.  It is my job to make sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently and that the days targets are met with various observations and checks.  One of the checks in place is to make sure that all special requirements are met for certain customers giving that all-important ‘Kerfoot personal touch’.  My guys are great at the ‘personal touch’ when preaparing and filling the product; they all really understand how fundamental this is to the Kerfoot experience.

Towards the end of my shift I do a handover meeting with the supervisor on the late shift and inform him of any problems that we may have had and how they were dealt with – of course we have very few of these!  At the end of the shift, I get changed, leave work, get the kids from school / nursery and spend some quality time with my family before going to bed.  After a good night’s sleep I get up ready to start the day all over again, refreshed for a new day with The Kerfoot Group.

Wayne Pearce, KPO Shift Supervisor

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