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Cold Pressed Rape Seed Oil – supporting British farmers

Rapeseed has had a makeover! We turn our back to the days of Rapeseed Oil being the mundane commodity cooking oil that it has been for so long.

Introducing the sexy, functional alternative Cold Pressed Rape Seed Oil. This delicious oil is fully traceable as a product grown, harvested, pressed & filtered in the UK. Not only will you be enjoying the natural benefits of the oil but at the same time supporting British farming.

The oil has been experiencing some positive PR of late due to its rise in fame as an alternative to Olive Oil resulting from the recent increase in Olive oil prices. Not only this, but the oil also has some fantastic inherent benefits including an abundance of Omega 3, 6 & 9. The taste of the oil also stands out, offering a delicious nutty aroma & taste acting as both fantastic table oil but also, due to its high burning point, a suitable roasting & frying oil.

The Kerfoot Group are on the ball with this oil & have been producing it for a number of years. We have a fantastic supply chain in place to provide another incredible story to back up the product. Grown in the Yorkshire dales (a stone’s throw away) & then pressed & filtered in our own production facility in East Yorkshire, we can offer you a forever competitive, functional ingredient.

This along with our other UK grown & pressed seeds such as Camelina, Hemp, Flax, Borage & Wheatgerm, we are providing our clients with a UK produced alternative which we believe adds significantly value to your finished product.

More to the point Yorkshire produced; we all know that adds value! 😉

Emily Hawksworth, Kerfoot Speciality Oils Sales Executive

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