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Dishing up High Speed WIFI

As the Group Systems Manager the one thing I am never short of in my working day are challenges about how best to maximise the use of the current Kerfoot Group IT equipment, & also find solutions to existing problems.

One recent challenge we faced was to find a more effective & efficient communication solution to our bulk loading terminal.  The Bulk terminal is located around 300Mtrs from our Packed Oils factory & uses a broadband connection to acquire its data.

We needed a solution that would address the problem of the distance to the bulk loading terminal itself & also that would maintain the current high level of data transfer.

With this in mind, my colleague Alan Rossington who is our IT Technician based at Goole suggested that we use a more powerful form of WIFI that utilises line of sight dishes. Alan suggested that we attach one dish to our storage tanks at the Bulk loading terminal & the other dish to our Technical office at our James Street Packed Oils factory.

The dishes are a perfect solution, as come wind, rain or snow (& for those that know Goole well, you may see all three in one day) we will always have a reliable connection to our bulk loading terminal.

Now that we have the equipment in place, it’s incredible to see how well this solution works & the minimal impact the installation has had. The installation has ensured that we now have a more reliable & cost effective solution for our Bulk terminal.

Richard Hodgson

Group Systems Manager

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