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Harrods selling ‘fake’ Olive Oil

Tut Tut! It looks like ‘Horrids’ have had their wrists slapped recently!  Apparently they have been caught out by the Italians
for selling ‘fake’ Tuscan extra virgin olive oil on their website.  Strict European protocol dictates that bottles of olive oil may only be labelled as Tuscan olive oil if the whole manufacturing process, including growing, pressing and bottling happens in the region.  In the case of Harrods’ olive oil – it appears that it may well have originated in Tuscany but was bottled in the UK.  The Knightsbridge store has had to remove all the offending bottles from its shelves and is currently looking for someone in Tuscany to carry out the bottling process for them!

It sounds to us like the Harrods buying team need to be talking with us!!  Every oil that we supply has a detailed specifications which clearly labels the origin of our products but if ever you want any clarity or further information on the sourcing of our products contact our Food Technical team at

Just shows that even the finest brands cannot always be trusted!

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