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Keep the dentist at bay with Coconut Oil

Believe it or not, recent research has suggested that our much loved Coconut Oil can now help to fight tooth decay, and it could soon be winging its way into your toothpaste and mouth wash!  Yet another accomplishment to add to an ever growing list of benefits for one of our favourite oils.

Without boring you, here is  the scientific part… the bacteria Coconut Oil attacks includes streptococcus mutans, an acid-producing microbe that is a major cause of tooth decay.  Researchers were following up earlier work which showed that partially digested milk made s. mutans less likely to stick to tooth enamel.  Further studies will look at how Coconut Oil interacts with the bacteria at the molecular level, and what other microbe strains and yeasts it may combat.  In other words, a bit of Coconut Oil when treated with digestive enzymes becomes a powerful killer of mouth bugs.

So we can now add a new proverb to our list – “a bit of Coconut Oil a day may help to keep the dentist at bay”!

Emily Hawksworth, KSO Sales Executive

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