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Kerfoot’s Heated IBC’s

A perfect solution to temperature control for your precious oils!

Cold mornings are something we all hate, I’m sure you’ll agree?  Oil is no different when it feels the chill – becoming viscous & difficult to manage!

When oils are stored in cold environments the natural waxes present in the oil begin to join together resulting in a cloudy, viscous appearance. The oil will typically whiten but don’t panic… it does not indicate spoilage & it will not harm the oil. Some oils are even completely solid at room temperature!

Here in good old Blighty we get more cold weather than warm (or at least we do up’north!) This can sometimes mean that during a cold snap the oil will display the aforementioned characteristics. Here at the Kerfoot Group we recognise the just in time requirements of our customers & the inconveniences cold oil can cause.  So, as the market leaders in packed oils, we now offer the perfect solution to this problem……Self-Heating IBC Containers. (Contains: 920 kilos)

The IBC is so simple to use, it has a self-contained heating element & pre-set thermostat – the whole unit is similar in size to a standard IBC but provides a practical & effective method for maintaining process efficiency; allowing much faster decant of ingredients at all times & in all environments.

A further advantage of our Heated IBC’s is a better product yield; without heating, many contents cannot be fully discharged due to their viscosity when cold, leaving waste product in the container which can add significantly to manufacturing costs.

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Paul Stoddart, KPO Commercial Manager

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