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KSO Feeling Fruity at SCS – here come the girls!

Monday 12th November

Well, the time has come for the girls to head off on the road down to Coventry for the SCS Formulate exhibition. The car was packed to the rafters & the three of us only just managed to fit in with our cases (well you have to be prepared…hairdryer, straighteners, more outfits than we could possibly need for two days etc!)

We arrived at Ricoh Stadium with the security guards giving us 20 minutes to unpack, set up the stand and be away…..have they ever seen 3 girls trying to set a stand up that is approx. 7ft tall? Where are the tall men when you need them? Standing on stools that swivel to secure the top of the stand took some balancing. Needless to say we were a little longer than 20 minutes!  Once the stand was up and secure we headed off to the hotel for an early night ready for the next day…..we know how to live!

For Emily & I this was the first time we had attended an exhibition as exhibitors, we had only visited before so we were unsure what to expect but were really looking forward to it.

Tuesday 13th November

We were up bright & early to head to the exhibition centre and once there we gave the stand a once over to make sure that we had plenty of brochures and our speciality oil product lists. We were ready to face the onslaught of customers and suppliers.

The day was busy from the start with a steady flow of visitors to the stand, Tom Kerfoot joined us mid -morning and left us to it mid – afternoon. We managed to get out and about to meet our suppliers both current and potential and took lots of contacts for new business. I even managed to meet two people from my home town, one of which has a sister that lives in the new town that I now live in – it really is a small world!

We left as the exhibition closed for the day, with achy feet & backs but happy that we had a really good day. There was a gala evening with a Bond Theme on the first night but we decided to go to the cinema to see the real thing. All I can say is Skyfall…amazing, Daniel Craig….best bond ever!

Wednesday 14th November

Day two was a little quieter but still kept us busy. More new contacts made; and a little more time for networking and promoting our incredible oils. It was really good to meet people that we usually speak to on the phone or via email to be able to put names to faces.

Dismantling the stand was interesting, particularly as we were told that you are not allowed to start to break them down before 4pm….the lengths some of the other exhibitors went to to break their stand down early without the organisers realising had to be seen to be believed, we however were very good & stuck to the rules!

We left to head home weary but happy, now we just need to get back to the office to turn those contacts into new/increased business for the Kerfoot Group!

Alison Wilkinson, KSO Sales Executive; Emily Hawksworth, KSO Sales Executive; Hannah Bangura, KSO Commercial Manager 

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