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Meet the Team – Christmas Special 2016 – Andrew Darbyshire

Name: Andrew Darbyshire
Job Title: KSO Sales Executive
Length of service: 3 Years

1. What’s on your Christmas List? Too much to list! A new cook book (I’ve become quite the chef in recent months, no more fish finger sandwiches!) Clothes, Aftershave, the usual stuff.

2. Worst Christmas present you have ever received? I’ve never received a bad present (family might be reading this!)

3. Something people wouldn’t expect of you at Christmas? Offering to do the washing up. It will never happen, as I’m usually too full to move.

4. Favourite Christmas song? It has to be The Pogues Fairytale of New York. Always a good one to sing along to after a few Christmas drinks.

5. Christmas Cake or Mince Pie? Neither. I’ll just have extra meatloaf please.

6. Favourite Christmas Film? It’s A Wonderful Life and The Muppets Christmas Carol. Bit of a contrast, but great Christmas films.

7. Do you have any Christmas Traditions or what’s your favourite part of the Christmas festivities? Apart from having all the family together, now my daughter is a little bit older it will be seeing her reaction to the Christmas decorations and presents she’ll receive. I would say bringing out the board games after Christmas dinner, but that never ends well if I lose!

8. What word or phrase do you overuse at Christmas? Merry Christmas!

9. Best bit of working for The Kerfoot Group around Christmas? Apart from the food and alcoholic beverages, it’s seeing people’s reactions opening their Secret Santa presents. Where’s the camera!?

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