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My suitcase has never been so heavy!

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going“.  This is the story of my trip to the UK & to working at Kerfoot HQ in Yorkshire.  My trips have always been unique; unfortunately, I am leaving very soon, but as for any trip I will be taking back a full & even heavier suitcase – packed with new experiences & new challenges, new memories & new friends, new places visited & of course one of the most important ones – new targets for me to achieve, more oil I need to sell.  It is so exciting…!  Of course there have also been many nice & funny ‘adventures’ inbetween, but don’t ask me about those, I will be taking them back home with me, packed in the secret pocket of my full suit case!

I have greatly enjoyed so many things, so many special days.  They began with the first day when the Company HQ greeted us with the Moldovan flag outside, it was so emotional.  What can be better than being back with our big family, The Kerfoot Group & see my colleagues again?!  “Buna dimineata” (“good morning” in Romanian) is how Hannah Bangura from KSO always greeted me in the mornings – I really appreciated this, it made me smile & brought so much sunshine to my day.

A unique occasion was the visit to our HQ of His Excellency Dr. Iulian Fruntasu, the Moldovan Ambassador to the UK.  The visit to the Bedale Women’s Club also inspired me; the participants’ enthusiasm when we spoke about our country was so apparent.  And also, waking up at 5:30am to go and visit our ship Oreteca, the majestic boat discharging 2000 metric tonnes of rapeseed oil.  Being on board to see the oil, do the tests – such an amazing experience!

So, with all these memories to pack I have just a few more items to squeeze into my extraordinary suitcase – lots of passion for what I do, some caramel chocolates, hard work, focus & persistence.  And whatever challenge may be infront of me, be it career, life or an adventure I know my new found love for bonoffee pie will see me through! 

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it”.

Cristina Baciu, Moldova Country Manager – Kerfoot Overseas LLP

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