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National Cupcake Day 18th September 2015

National Cupcake day is upon us again, Natasha and I had a ‘big bake off’ last night!
Here at The Kerfoot Group we do have a sweet tooth, yet we do also love our healthy fruity Fridays.
So, last night we baked a dozen cupcakes each, using the most important ingredient which is Kerfoot oil.
They turned out” incredibly” well, and I was eager to see Tasha’s results.
We both placed our cupcakes in the kitchen, and within the hour they had just about disappeared! We do enjoy baking these little delights especially when we get good feedback from our eager judges, and all I can say is the proof is in the empty plates, not a crumb left in sight!
The photos are the only evidence that we brought in the cupcakes!
So just another happy day in the office here at Olive House!
Mary Robson/ Natasha Pemberton

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