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One day, one Kerfoot Tanker, one Kerfoot Manager…

Surprisingly, as the Group Logistics Manager I had never spent a day out on the road with one of our trucks, that was, until recently.  The Logistics Division was keen to rectify this so on 2 May I found myself on my way to visit our James Street site in Goole and spend the day with one of our bulk oils tankers.

I was keen to learn what a typical day was like for a Kerfoot driver and gain a better understanding of how a bulk oil tanker was loaded and discharged.  My alarm went off at 5.30am (I was surprised to find that there were two 5:30’s).  By 6.30am I was on the road complete with safety boots and hi-vis coat ready to meet Colin Warren who would be in charge for the day!  Colin was already waiting when I arrived and raring to go so I climbed aboard and off we went.

The first task of the day was to load the tanker so we made the short journey over to the weighbridge and climbed out while the truck was weighed.  Back in the cab we headed to the Kerfoot Bulk Terminal ready to load.  The truck was reversed to one of the loading points to be loaded and Colin filled out the SCOPA book.  The book was checked by the loader and some additional information entered.  The tanker was then started and filled with 28mt of refined rapeseed oil.  Once the loading was complete it was time for us to return to the weighbridge to weigh the tank again for its gross and net weight.  Again, I had to climb in and out of the truck (it came as no surprise that my arms were aching the next day)!

The drive to our customer in Bradford was an incredible experience and very interesting to see how different it was driving a truck compared to a car.  I was pleased that I wasn’t driving as it was quite a challenge manoeuvring the oil tanker to the discharge point at our customer’s site.  The load was inspected by a member of staff and we were left to unload the oil.

Colin stopped at a roadside café for his break and treated me to a real ‘trucker’s’ burger and a cup of tea – I did wonder if it had been cooked in rapeseed, soya or sunflower oil?!  The last leg of my journey was to return to Goole for the weigh again and reload for the next delivery to Scotland.

The day was an incredible experience and one which I thoroughly enjoyed.  To actually see the work I do at The Olive House put into practice was amazing.  I would recommend that everyone in the office should spend a day out on the road and see what the drivers do (even if it is just for the roadside cafes)!

Watch out the rest of you Kerfoot HGV drivers, as I intend to spend a day with a distribution lorry delivering our palletized goods to Kerfoot Packed Oil and Kerfoot Speciality Oil customers around the UK!!

Dawn Whitehouse, Group Logistics Manager

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