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Summer Hair Repair

Summer can be a tough time for hair as the sun and sea can really dry it out as can repeated colouring. If you have thick or dry hair anyway it can make hair really unmanageable and so a couple of us in Speciality Oils decided to put the oils we sell to the test and make our own hair masks.
Natasha made this hair mask by heating some sheanut refined butter until it turned to liquid, adding Argan CPD and Sweet Almond BP73.
This mask was quiet thick so it was left in overnight to get the full effect. It left her hair feeling so soft and shiny, everyone was commenting on the condition of it.
Natasha has dyed her hair during the week and is still feeling the benefits of the mask. Natasha would recommend using weekly or a couple of times a week if out in the sun.
Natasha Pemberton – KSO Desk Support
Coconut Hair Mask
I made a different mask with Coconut Virgin, Sweet Almond BP73 and Baobab Organic CP oils.
I gently heated the Coconut up for approximately 20 seconds to turn it into a liquid and then added the rest of the ingredients. My hair mask was more of a yellow colour and quiet oily so I only left this in for approximately 4 hours.
My hair is curly and thick and it made styling my hair with straighteners much easier. It helped to hold the style even on a rainy day instead of it turning into a frizzy mess as usual.
I find that my hair is still soft and easier to style and brush a week and several washes later I would recommend using it every 1 to 2 weeks as it is more of an oily mask.
So get “cooking” ladies and make these great hair masks for a fraction of the cost of the shop bought versions!
Lisa Mulcahy – KSO Desk Support

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