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The Smelling Zone

The Kerfoot Group team thought they would get in touch with their senses and learn more about Kerfoot Speciality Oils. We converted one of the Chill-Out areas towards the back of the office at The Olive House into The Smelling Zone!

We displayed a collection of Essential Oils, Fragrances and other speciality products with a variety of odours and scents, for us all to look at and smell. The range of oils included some with very strong fragrances and others which were milder. A bit of Eucalyptus to clear the sinuses or some Lemon oil if you’re feeling fruity….

Queues were beginning to form whilst Paul Stoddart, KPO Commercial Manager, was over indulging in the fragrances. His new scent “Woody” has been lingering ever since. We now all know to go to hippie Diana Moses, PA to our Chief Executive, for fragrance advice as she was very knowledgeable about aromatherapy and scents.

Richard Hodgson, Systems Guru, didn’t realise he wasn’t meant to taste the essential oils and Annie from the Treasury department got a little carried away – I hope your smelling senses return to normal soon Annie.


The Kerfoot Group offers a range of over 500 essential oils, seed oils, soap bases, butters and waxes to the cosmetic industry. For information on any of our Speciality products please call the Kerfoot Speciality Oils team today.


Just another fun day at The Kerfoot Group HQ!

Hannah Bangura, KSO Commercial Manager

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