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Victoria Ghetu on her 1st visit to Yorkshire

So what did I think of when I heard people in my country Moldova talking of England?  I thought of proud castles, the monarchy, royal weddings, green villages, rainy weather & afternoon tea.  In between all the work & training I have been doing with The Kerfoot Group teams across HQ & Goole, I have had some time to explore Yorkshire.  Here are my top ten new favourites for my new short life in Yorkshire.

1.  Favourite food – Fish & chips, yorkshire puddings

2.  Favourite things to take when leaving home – umbrella, sunglasses

3.  Favourite new place visited – Whitby with the sunset on the coast [my country doesn’t have a coastline]

4.  Favourite words – brilliant, fantastic …. sometimes amazing.  My new word I learnt & love is reckless

5.  Favorite work environment – The Olive House, Goole & the A1 [travelling between the two]!

6.  New best friends – maps & the sat nav

7.  New favourite pub – “all colors” of horses & roses [The Black Horse, The White Rose…]

8.  New favourite colour – green… of fields & valleys

9.  New favourite song – the Romanian “Romantica” on interpretation of three girls in the car on the way to Olive House

10.  New best challenge – being part of the  bright future of The Kerfoot Group

Victoria Ghetu, KSO Technical Administrator

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