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We are excited to announce the opening of Kerfoot Poland HQ

We are excited to announce the opening of Kerfoot Poland HQ.
The office is located at Warka – a pleasant city near Warsaw.
The town itself is situated on the hill, with the beautiful Pilica River flowing past, wrapped in the wild Stromecka Forest. Warka is known of its centuries-old brewing tradition (brand Warka), furthermore, is situated in the centre of the polish apple land.
Connected with Warka is the figure of famous Polish hero Stefan Czarniecki, who bravely defeated Swedish in battle in Warka in 1656. The impressive monument to Czarnecki was built at the main town square. Our office overlooks this magnificent figure mounted on a grand horse, armed with a huge sword – we can look at him every day through our office window.
The Kerfoot Poland HQ will be focused on selling to customers in Eastern and Central Europe to further build our presence in this ever expanding personal care market. Our sales force Maciej & Magdalena are the beginning of our quickly expanding team.
If you are interested in being part of the team, please contact our HR team through our careers page.

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