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When Life Gives You Lemons

I’ve always thought of lemon oil on either end of the spectrum.  It can either force you to screw up your face with bitterness, or the complete opposite when drizzled on a pancake.  I was really quite surprised with the amount of health benefits that lemon oil claims to have!

–>Suddenly find yourself with a nosebleed?  Lemon oil.
–>Coming down with a fever?  Lemon oil.
–>Feel yourself developing a throat infection?  Guess what… lemon oil.

On top of all that, lemon oil claims to help soothe & relieve headaches & migraines.  Now I’m lucky because it is rare that I’m struck with a headache, but I’m sure all those people out there who suffer from migraines on a weekly basis would be running for the supermarket if they knew what lemon oil could do.

It doesn’t just stop there though.  Not only is lemon oil used to treat internal issues, there are several household items known to contain lemon oil.  The obvious product would be lemon-scented cleaners & sprays.  That’s really a given.  But through my research I’ve found that it is also used in soaps & cosmetics.  So not only can you use lemon oil to clean down your kitchen counter; you can scrub up too.

When I think of the smell of lemon oil, I imagine a sharp, fresh scent.  I wouldn’t say that it’s an unpleasant smell, but it is very similar to the taste.  Now I wouldn’t expect lemon oil to be used in any kind of scented product apart from a kitchen or bathroom cleaner.  But lemon oil is used in perfumes, scented candles & even potpourris.

I’ve researched all the health benefits of lemon oil, & frankly there are too many to note in one blog.  But there are hundreds & hundreds of websites, singing the praises of lemon oil.  I had no idea how many uses lemon oil claims to have, but I know one thing for sure.  I will definitely be adding the (Kerfoot!) lemon oil in my cupboard for more than just my pancakes from now on.

Katherine Robins, KSO Sales Administrator

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