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I saw the Olympic Torch in Northallerton!

On Wednesday 20th June the Olympic torch visited Northallerton at 10am – people packed the streets to catch a glimpse of the torch on its route to the Olympic stadium.  I decided to witness this once in a life time event for myself, and what an exciting an uplifting experience it turned out to be.  I decided, as with the bulk of the Northallerton people, that I would try and see the torch at the start and end of its journey through the town, and so made my way to the starting point with 15 minutes to go.  The air of excitement was almost tangible when I arrived and this was before the torch reached the town.

With 5 minutes to go we started to see the procession of the police vehicles and support buses.  And finally the moment arrived, and the torch bearer came into view.  The crowed began to cheer and clap as the torch passed and you could tell that this was a very proud moment for the people of Northallerton to be able to witness the torch on its journey.  I have to admit that I was also caught up in ‘torch fever’ and decided to follow its path for a short while which enabled me to witness the spectacle of the torch hand over.  I then made my way to witness the torch leaving Northallerton.

It was incredibly amazing to see the sheer volume of people who came out to support the torch and I believe that the speciality of the Olympics is the way in which the event brings people together. 

I was very proud to be able to say “I was there“.  The Kerfoot Group wishes the torch a safe journey around the remaining parts of the United Kingdom and we look forward to its arrival at the Olympic stadium on 27th July.

Richard Hodgson, Group Systems Manager

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