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Love Your Heart Week

The British Heart Foundation has chosen February as its focus month for all things related to heart health & whilst we’re a pretty healthy bunch here at The Kerfoot Group there is always room for improvement. So the People Division took the opportunity to highlight to all our employees some tips & advice that may help them make some small improvements in their life style that could have an incredible impact on their heart health. 

We chose the week of the Monday 11 February for our Love your Heart Week, as it incorporated Valentine’s Day & we shunned the usual hearts & flowers traditions & promoted some healthy life style choices instead.

Throughout the week we gave out lots of useful info about eating healthily, stopping smoking & being active. The advice included eating fresh fruit & veg to get your 5 a day & swapping saturated fats in butter for Kerfoot vegetable oil, as our oils are high in omega 3 fatty acids & heart healthy unsaturated fats!

Getting at least 10 minutes of exercise every day can make a real difference as can drinking 1.2 litres of water a day & a great tip for stopping smoking – buddy up with a colleague & do it together. Throughout the week we offered help & advice on these topics, sent out a sample healthy Valentine’s menu & instructions for Deskxercise (exercises you can do at your desk, so there really is no excuse!)

We ended the week on “Fruity Friday” by offering lots of fresh fruit from the everyday to the exotic & some were more adventurous than others in their choices! Naturally our KSO team were very excited about this as they are currently promoting their range of fruit seed oils! We had a healthy eating quiz to test what everyone had learnt & some exercise challenges in our onsite gym.

There was also an invite to The Wensleydale Wander, a 12 or 22 mile run or hike around the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside on Saturday 6 April. Some of our more energetic colleagues will undertake the challenge, so look out for the blog on that!

Overall we had a fun & informative week & all learnt something about the small changes that can make an incredible difference to your heart. In 3 little words…we loved it!

Nicola Lyons, HR Coordinator

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