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Magic Numbers

3 is a Magic Number sang de La Soul, so that got me thinking about other magic numbers, for we have associated numbers throughout history to things which have now become so interlinked that there is almost a magical connection. Other tunes with a number in the title include 99 Red balloons, 76 Trombones, When I’m 64… and some popular music combinations have a number in their name: 10cc, Blink 182, The 4 Tops. In literature, 1984 is more than just a title, steps are always associated with 39; and are there more shades than 50? History is full of numbers – 1066 and all that. Films:- 101 Dalmatians, Rocky 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6, 633 squadron and the 300 spring to mind.

In the world of finance, we deal with numbers all the time, yet as we have seen above some numbers have a magical connection so in the Treasury division what are our magic numbers….

  • Anthony Lawrence, the Finance Director has 87; the year in which his beloved Coventry City won the FA cup beating that less well known team from Middlesex
  • Debs McVay Accounts Clerk’s magic number is 235, in recognition of her collection of shoes 
  • Ann Sandison Accounts Clerk’s magic number is 1314, for the Battle of Bannockburn. (Ann is not too keen on 699 as it reminds her of the years of colonial imperialist rule)
  • Karlene Scott, our Assistant Risk Controller’s magic number is 14 as any more days is excessive
  • My magic number is 49, the number so invincibly associated with Arsenal’s record-breaking unbeaten run – can’t say I’m over keen on 7 as there is an unpleasant building at the end of this Sister’s road.

So what is the Kerfoot Group’s magic number?…710. Well it stares us in the face every day – after all we are oil specialists, and in the spirit of blogs, there has to be a spin on this (one hundred and eighty degrees to be precise). 710 has long been associated with OIL and you only have to turn it on its head to see why!

Not all numbers are magic, but some are more so than others and if there is one more number that is very special to us all here at the Kerfoot Group, it would have to be 500 for our range of oils, which is growing so quickly it will probably be a different number by tomorrow!

Will Jacques, Group Accountant

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