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Northallerton Jobs Fair

In our home town of Northallerton there are 2 major employers closing down; the local prison is closing and the Rural Payments Agency is relocating to York and Newcastle leaving hundreds of local people facing redundancy or relocation. A task force has been set up to support those entering the jobs market and the founder of The Kerfoot Group, David Kerfoot, is chairman of this Taskforce. The Taskforce’s aim is to connect local employers with those looking for jobs or setting up new businesses, as well offer advice and support to those finding themselves out of work at this difficult time.

The Taskforce arranged a jobs fair which took place on 4th December at Northallerton Town Hall, and the Kerfoot Group’s HR team were only too happy to attend and represent the company. The jobs fair featured a number of local employers but mainly training and careers services to help people with employability skills, CV writing, gaining experience through volunteering and assistance with growing or starting up a new business.

We met some interesting people and handed out a number of application forms, although the turnout was a little bit disappointing; the feedback we got from some visitors was that they only heard about the jobs fair in the last few days. However, this was a great starting point and with more publicity and a greater number of employers at future fairs these could be very successful indeed and really provide some much needed help and opportunities for the local community as it faces these extensive job cuts.

Sarah Stokes, Group HR Manager and Nicola Lyons, HR Coordinator

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