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Olive Oil To The Rescue

A very new use for our beloved olive oil has been thought up by boffins working on the preservation of York Minster – coating its walls in olive oil!  The building, the largest Gothic Cathedral in Europe, was built between 1220 and 1470 mainly of magnesium limestone. It is susceptible to pollutants like sulphur which seeps in the stonework through rainfall, then crystallises and forms cracks and even crevices.

Previously linseed oil had been used but now scientists are testing an olive oil mixture, high in oleic acid, as this blocks the rain but also allows the stonework to breath which linseed didn’t.  Sources close to the Minster have confirmed that this is not a new campaign by Saint Jamie Oliver for healthier churches!

Other odd uses I have come across for olive oil in my time in Spain are:

Ear drops (it really works!)

Laxative (not telling if it really works!)

Scalp moisturiser (no dandruff on me!)

Tiled floor protector (I’ll let you know on that one)

Lubricant (I’ll leave that there eh…!).

Jay Byers, KPO Senior Sales Executive

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