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South Park Rangers U15s

The South Park Rangers U15s Academy Team is a local Football Club sponsored by the Kerfoot Group and managed by two of our team from the Kerfoot Speciality Oils (KSO) Factory, supervisor Robert Rockett and operative Craig Cunningham.

The U15s got off to a great start to the Season with a 4-1 win over Hornsea which was followed last weekend with a friendly game against South Cave winning 5-1. The game started off with an early chance for South Park with Sutton coming close to scoring but it was the visitors who took the lead with a strike from 25 yards catching stand-in keeper Cunningham (Craig’s son) off guard to make it 0-1. South Cave hit again with another attack this time to be snubbed by Cunningham. South Park kept chipping away and it paid off just before half time with a goal to even the score to 1-1. The 2nd half got very exciting and Sutton passed to Raspin who then put in their second goal. Raspin then provided the pass to Jeffers who scored from 19 yards to make it 3-1. Substitute Baker came on to set Sutton up with a chance which he placed into the bottom corner past the outstretched keeper getting their fourth goal. Cooper made some great tackles to help see off South Cave and with only minutes left, the home side went back on the attack with Jeffers’ shot being saved by the keeper who then (to his bad luck!) dropped to French who hit it on the half volley to make an incredible 5-1 final score. The Kerfoot man of the match went to two players Matty Cooper and Casey Barker.

To carry on the Footballing theme under the laws of #Bants, Goole apparently is a haven for Footballing talent, I am informed on a daily basis that many of the top players in Goole work at KSO, Stu Clark is the BEST footballer, Mikey Stannard (best striker), Liam Drayton ( dodgy knee but still best Keeper), Robbie Rockett (stands at the back and directs traffic), we have Jason Newman who has more footballing trophy’s in his cabinet than the whole of Goole put together.

While KSO has immense footballing talent it is worth pointing out during the U15s warm up game KSO Finest were beaten effortlessly by the U15s 10-1. We are in the process of setting up a Kerfoot round robin Tournament, KSO Golden Boots have already challenged Corners Cronies (Olive House) to a game and I’m sure James St can generate a team also so watch this space.


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