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The Kerfoot Group… In a class of their own

I contacted the Kerfoot Group through intrigue at the wide variety of oils that they produce, after speaking to one of their wonderful receptionists, Mary.

As a Catering teacher I am always exploring new tastes, flavours and ingredients and this is something that I always try and pass on to my students.
When I received my box I was delighted and excited by the selection that I was given, inside I found: Sweet Almond Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Walnut Refined Oil, Flax Oil and Roasted Sesame Oil.
As part of their GCSE coursework my year 10 class are to plan and make 4 dishes based on Fruit and Vegetables. As my delivery from the Kerfoot group came just in time, the students used the oils while they were experimenting their recipes. We had a lot of fun using the oils and my class found it really interesting exploring the different flavours.
Sweet Almond Oil- Chloe W, Year 10 used this oil while making her pastry. It added a real depth of flavour and made the pastry have a light and crisp texture, we had to try this a few times to get the right ratio of oil.
Rapeseed Oil- A few students experimented using this oil when making stir fry’s. Courtney in Year 10 said that she liked using this oil to make stir fry as the oil heated to a much higher heat then regular sunflower oil which gave the stir fry more of a crisp, authentic taste.
Toasted Sesame Oil- Chloe O Year 10 Used this oil and Rapeseed when she was experimenting with her stir fry but she said that she liked using the Sesame Oil rather than the rapeseed as it infused her food with a richer taste.

Declan Year 10 used the Sesame Oil to marinate the vegetables that he put into his vegetable sushi, he was going to use soy sauce but he found that the oil coated the vegetables which gave them a more dense flavour.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil- This oil was a real hit with everyone, students used in a wide range of dishes: Vegetable Lasagne, Ratatouille, Roasted vegetable Mediterranean tart and to dress pasta. Everyone loved this oil as it enhanced the flavour of each dish.
Walnut Oil- We used this oil on a mix of savoury and sweet dishes. It was used in the pastry of a coconut tart as was the almond oil, Molly found that the almond oil worked best with the tart but the Walnut Oil did make the dish interesting.
Ryan Used this oil when making his vegetable curry, this curry had chicken, pineapple, apple and mango, he found that the oil ages another dimension of flavour and complimented the fruit.
Flax Oil- This was an oil that we didn’t know what to use with, so we tried it with all sorts! We started with basic dishes like spaghetti bolognaise, then we used it in a chicken dish, we found the flavour strong and the texture rich. James trailed it when he roasted the vegetables for his tart.

We had great fun using the oils and learning about different flavours, we still have a few drops left so we will have more of a play around before they disappear!

Thank you so much to the Kerfoot group!

Charlotte Myers and the year 10 students at Rye Hills School, Redcar.

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