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The Kerfoot Racers

Here at the Kerfoot Packed Oils Factory in Goole, we have had a lot of new starters recently, so as supervisor I organised for the lads and ladies to go on a competitive team building exercise of Go Karting. On 3rd November we arrived at a warehouse in Pontefract ready to get this “Incredible” team building event on the go.

The racers (myself and 10 of our Production Operatives) were dressed to impress and ready for action! We did our qualifying laps and warmed the tyres up ready for the anticipated race ahead. You could feel the tension building between everyone as the competitive “oils” started to heat up. There was silence as we waited for the lights to go out, then lights out and the racers were off in a cacophony of noise and straight away we could see Krzysztof Pepel was the driver to beat as he ripped the track apart almost getting a lap record with a 20 second lap. We were all trying our best to match him but we had no chance as he was simply amazing on the track.

We had 2 finals one for the slowest drivers and one in which the fastest drivers were pitted against each other. The winner of the first final was Pawel Pawlik who gave us all a lesson in smooth driving.

The winner of the faster final was none other than Krzysztof Pepel. During the event we learnt a few things about the people we work with. Krzysztof is obviously the faster driver (well, in a go kart at least!), Neil Huntington didn’t realise it was go karting and thought it was bumper cars, Pawel Pawlik is relaxed no matter how fast he drives and I have a competitive side that means the next time we race I will be bringing my own go kart!

The 11 of us who took part were:

Lukasz Marczak, Marcin Pospiech, Bridget Deacey , Stuart Norfolk, Nathan Williams, Krzysztof Pepel, Neil Huntington, Paul Hoggard, Fabio Silva, Pawel Pawlik and me (Ryan Downey).

This was an incredible chance to get everyone together outside of work and build relationships that will hopefully benefit us in the production environment and make us a more effective team, working together to make Kerfoot Packed Oils production even more efficient!

Ryan Downey, KPO Production Supervisor

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