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Preparing the raw materials Working the Shea nuts A pause for a pose

The return of the Shea Crusade…

Thomas & Hannah returned on a high this morning from an insightful and successful trip to Ghana.

The aim was to further understand the processes involved in the production of The Kerfoot Group Shea butter (refined, unrefined & Organic). The trip was truly inspiring for both and cemented our passion to push more Shea to market. The trip involved a number of extremely long road trips across some of the most remote parts of Ghana’ northern & western regions visiting the numerous women’s communities that are involved in the harvesting and processing of our Shea nuts/ butter. To see the impact of buying Shea from these women and the effort that goes into the production of the nuts was remarkable.

Much of the trip was also focussed on R&D and looking at some new Incredible African ingredients that we can push to our forever eager food & cosmetic clients. We have progressed trials on a number of raw materials so if this is of interest please do also get in touch; either way we will be launching our findings very soon.

We will be launching a short film of our road trip in the next couple of weeks. This will introduce the processes, characters and story in the making of our Shea Butter so watch this space…

However for the moment please see a couple of snaps we took on Our ‘Incredible’ tour of Ghana.

Thomas Kerfoot, Commercial Director

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